Thursday, 17 March 2011

Zombies are the new rulers of shooters?

You a fan of CoD? Dead Rising? Red Dead Redemption? Left 4 Dead? if you are then you MIGHT know a thing or two about the other half of existence, the face on the other side of the glass.

And one of the easiest cash cows too milk in gaming history.

Oh yeah, suck it Romero its time for the new age of zombies too take over, these guys are rough and tumble, some are right wing extremists and others are just rent-a-cops that ate too many donuts.

Now don't get me wrong, i LOVE me some zombies and dead rising sucked about 2 weeks of time where i might have discovered the girl of my dreams or cured cancer accidently, instead i was walking on top of zombies heads and killing off psychopaths with a giant purple hippo.

Something you normally wouldn't find yourself contemplating is the easiest way too gather up 15 innocent bystanders and watch them hold their own in the middle of the night in a zombie infested mall.

But before i turn this into a review of Dead Rising i gotta address one MAJOR flaw in the zombie gaming algorithm, the FANS. If you play CoD: World at War or black Ops or Red Dead Redemption and even SPEAK of something bad within the confines of that game that relates too zombies in any way, you get MOBBED with insults, it's gotten too the point that i play L4D just too maintain the illusion that i like ALL zombie games even though Left4Dead2 was some are 1-hit wonders and suck ass after 2 days of playing them.
You like Zombie games, right? RIIIIIIIGHT?!?

Now Nazi Zombies and Red Dead are cool and stick too the main stream "runners with different modes" sorta zombies, Left4Dead made with GLARINGLY clear with its "special infected" types that game me an excuse too impersonate arnold schwarzenegger as i pummeled people too death, and even FLASH GAMES with zombies in them are pretty righteous in themselves.

Looks like we haven't hit the crapfest of zombiedom that the game industry needs in order too mix things up abit. and until then people are gonna keep buying the "Dead Islands" and "Nazi Zombies" maps that the dev's give them, myself included, until that faithful day when we get slapped by the hand of George A.Romero and realize we need too move on and make zombies a BETA level priority instead of a "this game has zombies in it, BUY IT NOW" priority.

If you got an opinion on the matter of New Age Zombies, pop a comment in and maybe even tell me abit about your zombie plan, those things seem to be all the rage these days too.

Zombies? in MY first-person shooter!?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Current Games.

Aside from console games and PC games i'm also abit of a card game player though its hit a dry spot as of late.

Who knows maybe watching a bunch of man-children playing Yu-Gi-Oh will spur me on too break out the ol' MTG deck and kick some ass

Current games being demolished played.
-Red Dead Redemption
Im not addicted! I CAN STOP WHENEVER I WANT.
If this is what mining for Diamonds is like IRL then an OCD guy like me would fit RIGHT IN.
-MTG [Casual]
Blue Mill? maybe some Mana Ramp Eldrazi if i get bored enough and the local FNM isn't ruled by 36 year old veterans.
It so nice too play against a guy thats been doing MTG professionally since before i was born D:

Maybe i should go back too TF2?....
Oh yeah, now i remember why i STOPPED playing in the first place.

Startin' a new hobby

Since i ditched the pen and paper approach too tracking my life's high and low points, as well as everything in between, i figured id give this a shot and see how it works out.

Video games, Life and lots of opinions, thats what your gonna find here folks.