Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Current Games.

Aside from console games and PC games i'm also abit of a card game player though its hit a dry spot as of late.

Who knows maybe watching a bunch of man-children playing Yu-Gi-Oh will spur me on too break out the ol' MTG deck and kick some ass

Current games being demolished played.
-Red Dead Redemption
Im not addicted! I CAN STOP WHENEVER I WANT.
If this is what mining for Diamonds is like IRL then an OCD guy like me would fit RIGHT IN.
-MTG [Casual]
Blue Mill? maybe some Mana Ramp Eldrazi if i get bored enough and the local FNM isn't ruled by 36 year old veterans.
It so nice too play against a guy thats been doing MTG professionally since before i was born D:

Maybe i should go back too TF2?....
Oh yeah, now i remember why i STOPPED playing in the first place.


  1. Do you spend all your time mining and exploring or do you work creatively? If it's the latter, you should post some screenshots...followed for possible update.

  2. Id say 50% mining and exploring and 50% working creatively.

    I mean its MUCH easier too make statues and such underground then it is too make giant 2D pictures of Megaman and Samus.

    And ive also fallen in love with the nether as of late, tried it once and skimmed over it but nowadays the thought of a giant castle made of obsidian in the MC equivalent of hell?

    now THATS a castle.

  3. you can stop with Red Dead Redemption but I can't
    anyway great blog
    keep on posting

  4. Good blog my friend, i will watch your posts.

  5. Red Dead is just one of those games you can have WAY too much fun in.

  6. @gadget guru
    Minecrafts one of those "Ok i got 5 minutes, might as well get some time in" sorta games and then suddenly its 2 AM and you'ved just created a massive statue of yourself in the grand ballroom of your 1.1 scale version of the Taj mahal :P

    And yeah nuker, killing coyotes for an hour straight isn't supposed to be this fun D:

  7. when im going down and digging on the minecraft i shit my pants when theres some kind of creature down there, scary as shit =D

  8. Armour is just insurance, and insurance is for when things go back.

    Digging down 30 Blocks and when hitting a massive cave only too be surrounded by hssing sounds?

    Now thats a bad situation, and hopefully you bought yourself car insurance with geico because your honda's about too get blown too shit.


  9. Gahhh! I'm soooo addicted to Minecraft right now. Not a good thing during midterms week, lol

  10. why you stopped it's nice +followed

  11. I miss MTG so mutch :(

    All the kids nowadays playing pokemons and yugi I dont know what. At least MTg had some real strategy and so many possibilities!

    Like youre style, will come again!

  12. @ Tommy H.
    OUCH addicted too gamer heroine during midterms? my condolences go out too your grade average D:

    @ Ray
    yeah, my card boxes and decks are gaining dust underneath my bed as i type, i mean alot of the guys i know play MTG casually but its still damn fun since you dont have regulations out the ass but prizes are cool and lately drafting's been abit of the same thing over and over again.

    Blue-Black infect? oh cool
    Blue black infect? ok thats 2 people in here with this now.
    repeat that 5 times while im running a White-Blue Battle cry deck and you get LOTS of raeg.